Our windows are made of the highest quality glass manufactured by Saint-Gobain company, one of major manufacturers of glass units.


Appropriately selected panes may perform different functions, therefore customers must individually decide which parameters will be most important for them. 



The highest heat penetration rate is one of top priorities for all windows manufacturers. Insulated glazing units made of low-emissivity glass directly reduce values of this coefficient.

Insulated glazing unit with increased thermal insulation consists of two glass panes; one of them is covered by thin, transparent layer of silver compounds.

This low-emissive layer is placed inside an insulated glazing unit. Glazing cavity is filled with argon providing higher insulation qualities.

The layer covering one of the panes acts as an invisible thermal shield which keeps heat in the room, but at the same time lets daylight through.



Protection against solar radiation and other types of radiation is the basic function of such sun windowpanes.

Anti-sun glass combined with thermally insulated glass keeps the house better heated in winter, while protecting it against solar radiation and overheating in summer.

Such a solution allows customers to reduce high costs of air conditioning in summer and expenses incurred for heating in winter. The most important parameters here are transmission of light (TI), as well as g and U coefficients.



Tempered safety glass may be hardened or laminated depending on its application.


ESG tempered safety glass

It is subject to the thermal treatment process to increase its mechanical durability. Obtained glass is 5-times more durable than standard untempered glass. The broken glass will shatter in one-off way. The pane shatters into tiny pieces with blunt edges.





VSG laminated safety glass

Comprises of two glass panels connected through several layers of a special foil. If glass breaks or is smashed, slivers will be stopped by the foil. This protects window users against injuries and constitutes an additional anti-burglary component, making it even more difficult to burst into the house.

Safety glass not only protects against the risk of injury or burglary, but also influences our comfort of life by increasing thermal and acoustic insulation.





Windowpanes largely determine overall quality of acoustic insulation.

If we live in the hustle and bustle of external sounds we should use a pane that is able to absorb such unwanted noises.

Good acoustic insulation effect may be obtained thanks to a insulated glazing unit consisting of two panes of different thickness.

It is available in the following combinations:

1) two glass panels of different thickness, e.g. 8/16/4, 8/12/4, etc.

2) one single glass panel and one panel of laminated glass comprising of two glass panels sealed by PVB foil layers with insulation properties. Such insulated glazing will additionally ensure high level of safety.



Wide range of ornamental panes that we have on offer will allow you to tailor ideal decorative solution to make your house decor unique.

Although such panes are usually manufactured to perform aesthetic functions, they may also improve thermal insulation, solar control, acoustic insulation and increase the level of safety.